Retrofit Plans for All
If we're going to get our housing to zero-emissions we need a plan
The Scottish Governments Heat In Buildings Strategy requires every home in Scotland to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C, by 2033. Roughly half our housing stock in the north east falls below that threshold. 
That means we need to be retrofitting 200 homes every week!
We need a plan!
Every home is different and although some insulation measures are the same from house to house, the way people use their homes also has an impact on how we conduct the retrofit. That's why we need a Retrofit Plan for every home in the north east.
What is a Retrofit Plan?
A Retrofit Plan is a custom made schedule of all the measures a home will need to reach zero-emissions. 
Few of us can afford to retrofit our homes in one go, so a plan allows work to be carried out in stages, with a clear understanding of how much each stage will cost, and how much energy it will save.
A Retrofit Plan will typically cost £500 for an average sized home and is written by a Retrofit Coordinator. 
Retrofit Plans must be sequenced correctly, using a Fabric-First approach that considers the occupants needs, their budget and their tolerance for disruption.
What NESFIT plan to do:
We will be hiring Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Coordinators to carry out assessments and to write Retrofit Plans for willing clients. This is core to our business model and will ensure the business is sustainable.
Our Retrofit Coordinators will also assist with the delivery of retrofit measures for clients and as independent auditors on third party contracts (for example, government insulation schemes)
What if I can't afford a Retrofit Plan?
As a non-profit organisation we will reinvest any profits we make directly back into the business to help those who are not able to pay.
We will also seek out funding to help subsidise this work.
How can I help?
We need your help getting started, we need to hire Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Coordinators to get the ball rolling to generate income. We also need the business systems to support this and equipment for the assessors to use.
This project needs £50,000 to get started
If you're interested in donating or helping us apply for funding please get in touch
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