We are the North East Scotland retroFIT Hub, a community led retrofit cooperative, helping householders achieve warmer, healthier, emissions free homes.
North East Scotland has some of the most energy inefficient housing in Europe. Solving this challenge requires solutions that consider the whole house and the needs of the people who live in them, through a process called Retrofit.​​​​​​​
We're building a network of retrofit experts to make this happen.
What are we going to do?
We're here to help make retrofit happen, by connecting householders, with contractors, while overseeing the whole process and giving you confidence that the work will be done properly and the intended outcomes are achieved.
This Retrofit Coordination service will follow industry best-practice and  we're already working with partner organisations in the north east to build a retrofit supply chain.
How will it work?
Every home is different and we all heat our homes differently, so every home needs a thorough assessment and a Retrofit Plan.
This starts with a whole house energy assessment which our Retrofit Assessors will provide.
Our Retrofit Coordinators will assess every improvement option for your home with you and write those into a Retrofit Plan.
The plan can be carried out in stages and we'll help you find contractors to do the work, and we'll monitor your energy use after the installation to ensure it has done what it was supposed to.
How can I afford this?
Every home can be made more energy efficient and frequently energy bills can be reduced by 80%. There's no hiding the fact that this can be disruptive and costly, but the more energy you save, the bigger the savings. 
We will help you access finance on an 'able-to-pay' basis and work with energy suppliers and financial institutions to find new funding models.
When can I access this service?
We're just starting out, so we're building the network, in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire to start. We have broad engagement from communities across the north east, and a small number of contractors lining up to deliver projects, but we need to carry on building the network.
We are applying for funding and planning to start delivering the service before the end of 2023
Who will benefit?
Homeowners + Tenants

Many households want to make their homes more energy efficient but don't know who to turn to. This service is for you.
If you're interested in receiving a Retrofit Assessment please email us and join our mailing list

We want to talk to you! 
There is a growing list of homeowners looking for contractors and trades who can do this work. We'd like to introduce you to some of them and discuss the delivery of these projects. Please email us and join our mailing list
Architects / Surveyors / Energy Assessors

We'll be looking to hire Retrofit Coordinators and Retrofit Assessors and will need Retrofit Designers to help provide solutions. 
Please join our mailing list to find out more
Community Groups

We're always looking for community groups that want to improve their housing. Pilot projects are key to allowing people to understand retrofit, so please join our mailing list and get in touch. We'd be happy to come and talk to you
How can I help?
Spread the word! 
We need homeowners, landlords, architects, surveyors, financial institutions, tradesmen and contractors to be part of the network, so share this page and get them to join our mailing list!

We're developing a cooperative business model that will be not-for-profit and self financing, but until we get there we need funds to get going. We'll share a link for donation soon!
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